About Us

Sometimes "the next big thing" has been here all along.

It’s been more than one hundred twenty years since Max and Lena Polaner started canning and preserving jams and jellies in the small kitchen next to their fresh fruit and vegetable market in Newark, New Jersey. Everyone in town knew there was just something special about the taste of Max and Lena’s preserves. Their secret? Fresh, ripe fruit that was preserved for their own family table—but shared with everyone.

Ever since, one generation after another has passed Polaner® across tables and time. Back then, it was just delicious ripe fruit and a family recipe that was too good to keep secret. In 1986, under the leadership of Leonard Polaner, grandson of Max and Lena, the Polaner brand introduced the then newest innovation in the preserve category—Polaner® All Fruit®.

Fueled by the popularity of its famous, “Don’t DARE call it jelly!®” TV advertising campaign, Polaner All Fruit quickly became and still remains more than 30 years later a staple in America’s homes. Made from the finest fruits and sweetened only with fruit and fruit juice, Polaner All Fruit is truly one of America’s favorite fruit spreads.

Now more than ever, people care about what’s in their food. They’re making conscious choices when it comes to products that fit into their lifestyle and dietary needs. We’re proud to say that all of our products are gluten free, none of our varieties of Polaner All Fruit contain high fructose corn syrup and eleven varieties of Polaner All Fruit are Non-GMO Project Verified. The Polaner brand also offers eight varieties of Polaner Sugar Free with Fiber, as well as our classic Polaner Mint Jelly and a selection of jarred wet-spices, such as chopped garlic and basil.